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1.  Public Information Officer Admin & Finance          :  Administrative Matters,

(Sri. Sivaprasad R  , Director A&F)                                   HR, Finance, Legal matters

                                                                                       Company matters, Recruitment



2.  Public Information Officer              

(Smt. Paul Ben Abraham- Projects - I) (i/c)        


Marketing, Pack house, SPP, Branding, Engg. Divn, MIS & IT related activities, Haritha Nagari, KBK (HQ), Publications, PGS, Wayanad & Kasargod Packages, Credit , Insurance , Northern district - special supervision - Kasaragode , Kannur, Wayanad, Malappuram, Kozhikkode, Palakkad, Thrissur & Ernakulam for all Programmes and Council activities.


       3.   Public Information Officer 

            (Sri. Sajan Andrews - Director - Projects II) (i/c) 

P& T related Services, Training, Projects, Automatic Weather Station, Plug Nursery, Kole Land development Projects, Tribal Projects & Idukki Package. Southern District - special supervision - Trivandrum , Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam and Idukki for all Programmes and Council activities.




              Asst. Public Information Officer                                   :      Gopinath Pai N , Sr. Executive Assistant .



Public Information Officers (PIO) & Asst.Public Information Officers (APIO) of the Districts



Sl.         District                       Name                                       Designation



1.   Kasargod                          Sindhu S Narayan .                        Dist.Manager (i/c)         PIO

                                    Deepakumar V S                           Asst. Manager              APIO


2.   Kannur                             Mallika A C                           Dist. Manager              PIO

                                                Jayashree P                               Dy. Manager           APIO


3.    Wayanad                          Rajesh U                         Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                Priya Raj P R                         Asst. Manager              APIO


4.    Kozhikode                     Rani George                    Dist.Manager (i/c)          PIO

                                                Rani George                          Dy.Manager                 APIO


5.   Malappuram                      Anilkumar G R                    Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                Nazeema M.K.                         Dy.Manager                 APIO


6.   Palakkad                             Hareesh C                                    Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                 Bincy S                                 Asst.Manager         APIO


7.  Thrissur                                Jahangir kasim                                Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                   Joby Varghese                                   Dy.Manager                 APIO


8.   Ernakulam                         Sindhu S.                             Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                      Nisha Jose                      Dy.Manager                 APIO

9.  Alleppey                             Sindhu S                       Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                               Maya Santhan                Dy.Manager                 APIO

10.  Kottayam                          Sulfikar A                                     Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                              Jiji T  Abraham                           Dy.Manager                 APIO


11. Idukki                                Jiji T Abraham                         Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                 Remya R                         Dy.Manager                 APIO


12.  Kollam                              Mary Symon                       Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                  Sindhu S.                               Dy.Manager (HG)        APIO


13.  Pathanamthitta                  Reshmi I                               Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                               Anupama N.                           Dy.Manager (HG)        APIO


14. Trivandrum                        Sheeja Mathew                      Dist.Manager (i/c)        PIO

                                                 Leena Jose                         Dy.Manager                 APIO


15.  SPP,Alathur                      Thomas Cheriyan N.                Manager                       PIO

                                                 Manoj C J                             Dy.Manager (HG)        APIO




                                                                   CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER